Finally Getting Blogged Down

I am an old newspaper and AM radio kind of guy. For the longest time I didn’t even like the word “blog” let alone “blogging.” It was like that other low form of communicating; texting.

I wouldn’t say I have had a sea-change about either of those, but I decided I wanted to write about some of the incredible people, places and experiences I have stored up in my head and are ready to burst out.  Facebook isn’t suitable and I don’t know that I have the ability to write a memoir. But I do have stories. Lots of them. In fact, I believe I have a story for just about every person I ever knew. Chances are, some of them have a story about me.


“Everyone has a Story”

My life has had it share of twists and turns and I have often found myself in the midst of some strange, difficult, spiritual, raucous, mystical, confounding, exhilarating, heart-breaking, and unbelievable circumstances. With all of that comes my “relationships” with people either God or luck placed in my path. I didn’t say GOOD luck. Just luck.  I have been around some fascinating characters in my life. I want to tell you about them.

A woman I have known for about 45 years and who I still call my Jewish Mother, Mrs, Lee DeGennaro (she married an Italian), told me years ago that “everyone has a story, Michael.” I think she was telling me not to be too quick to judge. I also think she was gently urging me to look deeper.

From 58 years on this planet, come the stories.

My stories.

Waugh Stories.

I hope you read a few. You just may find yourself in one of my “dispatches from the front.” 🙂 ~Michael J. Waugh


13 thoughts on “Finally Getting Blogged Down

  1. Michael I am so glad you are finally writing. I remember the story you wrote in the newspaper, that’s when I told you to write more. You have a god given talent use it. love ya Momma D.


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