Ailse is in The Room

Cad nach féidir a leigheas, ní mór a bheith buailte.*  ~Irish Proverb


Sometimes I don’t see Ailse

But Ailse is in the room

Ailse can seem small to me

I often pretend Ailse isn’t there


Mostly I am not afraid of Ailse

Ailse can make others uncomfortable

Ailse is all they can see

They may stay far away


Some can walk right into my room

And face Ailse bravely

Make Ailse seem less harmful

And hardly acknowledge Ailse


I don’t know how Ailse got here

I have never asked why

I had a feeling Ailse was coming

I ignored the rumbling of Ailse


Ailse is here to stay I’m told

I have learned to handle Ailse

But Ailse has hurt me often

I’m not alone with Ailse issues


Others have their Ailse

And I have my Ailse

It helps us to share about Ailse

We learn to cope with Ailse together


Some people can talk over and around Ailse

Refuse to allow Ailse between us

They see me and not my Ailse

We laugh and know I am not Ailse


Some tip toe around Ailse

Some tell me Ailse is a gift

Some do not know what to say

Because Ailse is in the room


My wife knows all about Ailse

My Ailse causes isolation upon her

Ailse can bring out the best in people

And both disappointment and gratitude


Ailse has me praying and reflecting

On the fragility and blessings of life.

When I finally leave this room,

I will travel alone.

To one of His many rooms.



Ciallaíonn ailse Ailse i nGaeilge

(Ailse means cancer in Irish)

Is é Ailse is a “eilifint bhándearg” sa seomra

(Cancer is the “pink elephant” in the room)


Cad nach féidir a leigheas, ní mór a bheith buailte.* 

*”What cannot be cured, must be endured” ~Irish Proverb




A new friend in the Infusion Room, me hydrating in the hospital and The Faerie Glen.

For Connie, Mrs. DeGennaro, Geri-Lee, Erin and Sue 

10 thoughts on “Ailse is in The Room

  1. Wish you the best Michael❤️I’m so sorry you have to go through this but I’m glad you have Trish by your side. Always in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️💔

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