“The Light for Stop”

This is the story of “Ireland’s Greatest writer” and his immediate artistic response to the Omagh bombing, as seen through the eyes of a new neighbor.

Waugh Stories

Reliving “Sunday, 16th of August, 1998” with Dermot Healy

The Omagh Bombing

Walking along the always windy Ballyconnell beach, up to the mysterious ancient rocky shore known as “Serpent’s Rock,” I knew I was being watched. As they say in this part of Ireland, I could feel the “Hillman’s eyes.” I had my dog Rocky with me, and we were joined by a merry border collie, who pushed big stones with her nose, to beckon me to throw them for her to chase.  I had just moved into a 300 year old cottage, right beside the beach, and a 2 minute walk to the home of, who Roddy Doyle called “Ireland’s best writer.” Roddy Doyle was my favorite writer.

dermot 1

After and hour or so, I began heading back to the cottage, which was also known as “old Jimmy Foley’s place.” The border collie kept walking with me, and I really…

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